When should I contact my customer?

The booking details page in the MySquard Services for Pros app includes a button to contact the customer once you have claimed a job. This will allow you to call or chat with the customer in-app for additional details. There are plenty of reasons to contact them: ask for directions, give an arrival update, or even just to introduce yourself and say hello! The rule of thumb is the more communication, the more likely the customer is to give you a good rating.

If you’re having trouble accessing your customer’s home, and can’t contact them, we recommend waiting around for 30 minutes in case they’re just running late. MySquard Services will compensate you up to 2 hours of pay (up to 3 hours in California) even if you are unable to do the job because the customer was not home, as long as you wait around for at least 30 minutes to see if the customer arrives a little late.

Need help? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at partner@mysquard.com.