What happens if I leave a job early?

If a professional completes a booking and plans to leave before the scheduled end time of the booking, the professional should check in with the customer to make sure that: (1) the professional  has properly completed the full scope of the job, and (2) the customer is happy with the quality of the service provided. 

If a professional leaves a booking early and the customer then calls MySquard with a substantiated complaint concerning an incomplete job or a quality issue, the professional will only be paid for the hours actually worked. When this happens the professional will be immediately informed via email. If the professional disagrees with the customer’s claim, the professional will be given the opportunity to provide their own account of the matter.

For example, in the case that a professional leaves a job early and a customer calls to complain that the professional left 2 hours early and that he/she did not complete the job, the professional will get 2 hours of pay deducted from their next job. 

*Please note that this policy does not apply to professionals in California.