Requesting Additional Time in App – Frequently Asked Questions

MySquard Services jobs estimate how much time you’ll need to provide a complete service for the customer, but occasionally you might run out of time. If you need additional time, we have a built-in change order feature in the MySquard Services for Pros app that lets you automatically request extra time from the customer. You can access this feature after you have checked into the job by navigating to the Job Support menu in the app. The menu will show an option titled “I need more time to finish the job” if your booking is eligible for an on-the-job request. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about this feature :

When can I access the “I need more time to finish the job” feature?

Once you have arrived at a job and the booking time has started, you’ll be able to access this feature using the Job Support menu in the app.

How long does it take the customer to approve the additional time?

Once you request additional time through this feature, the customer will receive a text message with the request. Once they reply, you will receive a notification that your request was approved or denied. After you receive a notification of the customer’s approval, you can continue your work beyond the original booking time.

What happens if a customer does not approve the additional time?

It’s a good idea to be upfront with your customers before you start and let them know they may need to add time to complete the job to your level of satisfaction. If you or the customer don’t want to add hours to the booking, you are not obligated to stay past the estimated duration.

If the customer is present, we recommend you let them know you are requesting more time through the app. This can ensure they are prepared for the text message they will receive asking for their approval.

What happens if I do not realize I need additional time until after the booking end time?

Unfortunately, after the booking end time, you are not able to use the ““I need more time to finish the job” feature in the app. This is why we recommend you scope out the time requirements of the job as best you can before beginning your work. If the work ends up taking longer than planned and the booking time has ended, you can request more time through the in-app chat feature.

What if I don’t see “I need more time to finish the job” in the Job Support menu?

If this feature is not visible to you in the app, it is because the particular job you are working on does not qualify for this type of change. In the event this happens, you can reach out through the in-app chat feature to request more time.

How will I be paid for the additional time?

You will be paid for the additional time that the customer has approved the same way that you are paid for the job, in your weekly batch payment.