My customer was not home

Watch Video: What Do I Do If My Customer Isn’t Home?

If your booking is in California, click here for more details about contacting your customer before the booking.

Have you arrived at a job with no entry instructions and no customer to let you in? Use the steps outlined below to ensure you are provided compensation for your time.

Attempt to Contact the Customer

You can reach your customer via in-app chat or phone using these icons on the job details page :

Please make sure you’re in an area with good service and using the phone number that’s associated with your account; otherwise, the phone calls won’t be routed through.

If you still can’t contact your customer, you should arrive at the address provided and try to follow their entry instructions (also available on the job details page).

If You’re Unable to Contact the Customer

If your customer was unavailable at the agreed time and you were unable to enter their home to do the work, Angi Services will compensate you for up to 2 hours of pay (up to 3 hours in California). We do ask that you wait 30 minutes after the booking start time, in case they’re just running late.

For select jobs, you will have the ability to report a customer no-show directly in the Angi Services for Pros app. To submit a report, click on the “Job Support” button and select “My customer is not home.”

Once you satisfy all 3 requirements, you will be able to click the “Submit report” button. You’re good to go! You should see your payment in the “Payments” tab immediately. If you are having trouble completing one of the steps, notify our support team prior to leaving the location.

If you do not see the option to report in-app, or if you have trouble verifying one of the 3 requirements, contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at