Mandatory Picture Uploads for Costco Appliance Jobs

As of Monday, October 10, 2022, picture uploads are mandatory for Costco Appliance jobs in order to receive payment.

Please note that uploads are only mandatory for Costco Appliance bookings. Although you will be able to see the upload button in blue text for all bookings, photos are not required for non-Costco Appliance jobs although they can be uploaded anyway.

What does this mean?

  • “Before” and “after” pictures are required to be submitted through the MySquard Services mobile app or Company Portal for Costco Appliance bookings. In other words, a minimum of 2 pictures are required for a completed booking payment to be processed.
  • This is a Costco requirement and also helps us protect you from unwarranted damage claims.
  • Failure to submit these pictures will result in withholding of your pay for the applicable job until the photos are uploaded.

How do I upload pictures?

See below for instructions on how to upload pictures via the MySquard Services mobile app and Company Portal.

Please note that the add photo capability in the mobile app will only be available after Check-In and before the end of day. Also note the mobile app will not allow you to upload photos from your phone’s library. As a precautionary measure, we recommend taking photos from both the app and your phone’s camera.

Mobile App Uploads:

1. Login to the MySquard Services for Pros app and click on the ‘Schedule’ tab. Once you arrive at the booking site, click on the booking that requires photo uploads for payment and Check-In. Note you will need to enable location services on your device for the Check-in/Check-out feature to be available.

2. Ensure you take the “before” photo of the booking site in the app before you begin the installation and before you Check-Out of the booking. The mobile app will not allow you to upload photos from your phone’s gallery.

3. Before you complete the Check-Out process, ensure you take the “after” photo of the installation in the app. The mobile app will not allow you to upload photos from your phone’s gallery.

4. Ensure you fill out the rest of your work receipt, then click on the ‘Complete Checkout’ button. A successful Check-Out will prompt your booking payment to process.

Company Portal Uploads:

1. Login to the MySquard Services Company Portal and click on ‘Past’ under the Claimed Jobs section to see your Past Jobs.

2. Locate the booking ID number that requires picture uploads for payment. The Files column should indicate whether pictures have been uploaded. Alternatively, you can click into a booking job description to verify whether pictures have been uploaded. Red text on either page indicates that no photos have been submitted or that the 2 picture requirement has not been met.

3. Click on either upload button to select files from your computer. Note you may select multiple files at once. As a reminder, “before” and “after” pictures of the installation are required for payment.

4. Preview your picture selection before uploading and click on the blue ‘Upload’ button to complete your submission. Successful submissions will be marked in blue. Once your upload(s) are successful, your booking payment will begin to process.

If you are unable to submit through the mobile app or Company Portal at this time, please submit your pictures through this form which will remain open for a short time until further notice.