Lowe’s Pick-Up and Delivery Service

From time to time MySquard Services customers who have booked through Lowe’s will request that you pick-up their item at their local Lowe’s store before the booking and bring it with you to the job, this will need to be done in order to complete the installation

You will be paid extra to complete this task.

This delivery service request will be made available for all customers booking Lowe’s Electrical, Plumbing, Garage Door Opener (GDO) and Window AC services.

You will be provided the address for the Lowe’s store and instructions regarding what to do and where to go when you arrive at the store.

You should pick up the item before going to your customer’s booking.

How it will look in the MySquard Services for Pros App :

In the Claims tab you will see a very clear call-out when a job requires pick-up, before you add the booking to your schedule.

Pro Pay shown in the app reflects payment for both the service and pickup.

The location bubble for the home is still based off the customer’s location. An additional Lowe’s icon will indicates the location of the store where the item must be picked-up.

There are some additional notes sections associated with these jobs:

  • “In-Store Item Pick-Up” – shows additional instructions
  • “Pick Up Location” – lists the address of the Lowe’s store
  • “Pick Up Instructions” – will be updated with more detailed instructions 24 hrs prior to booking, if you the job is on your schedule

A phone number is available if you have questions concerning a specific Pick-Up bookings. Note this phone line cannot assist you with other jobs, payment issues, or other questions that are not related to this specific job.

This number will appear in the “Pick-Up Instructions” section, now updated with Lowe’s Job Number (IMS #), which you will show a Lowe’s Store Associate at the store to retrieve the correct item.

Lowe’s Job ID # is available to view 24hrs prior to the booking
Additional instructions will be added around calling the store in advance of pick-up and what to do after hours.


Am I being compensated to pick up the item at the Lowe’s store?

Yes, the job rate includes the pick-up of the item at the customer’s store. As a result, the pay for the pick-up is INCLUDED in the advertised Pro Pay for the job.
Travel time to the Lowe’s store or customer location is not reimbursed per MySquard Services policy.

How do I know what item I am picking up?

Currently, the exact make/model of the item being picked up is not provided. The store should have that information in their system and be able to provide the correct item for you to pick-up. We recommend, where possible, that you call your customer after receiving the item from the Lowe’s store to confirm its the correct item before going to their house.

Where should I go once inside the Lowe’s store to retrieve the item?

Upon arriving at the correct Lowe’s store, look for the “Receiving department” which should be at the back of the store and follow directions to find the Receiving area.
We recommend you call the store while on their way so the store can be prepared for your arrival and have the item ready for pick-up.

What if Receiving Department is not open when I arrive (due to off hours)?

The Receiving Departments of most Lowe’s stores are open Monday – Friday, 7 AM – 4 PM local time
If you are picking up outside of those days/hours, we recommend you ask a Lowe’s Store Associate to assist with locating the item for pickup.
Most stores have an area where they stage pick-up items.

What information do I need to provide to the store to receive the information?

You will be asked to provide the customer’s name and the Lowe’s Job # to the Lowe’s Associate, both of which can be found in your MySquard Services for Pros app.

What identification do I need to provide?

You should show the Lowe’s Store Associate your MySquard Services for Pros app with the customer information listed so the Store Associate knows you are authorized to pick up the item on behalf of your customer.

What if I’m going to be late due to extra time spent in store?

Lowe’s recommends you plan your time accordingly so that you can pick up the item and still arrive to your customer’s booking at the agreed upon start time.
We recommend whenever you are running late to call your customer and let them know. This ensures your customer knows that you are still planning to arrive for the appointment and the customer can plan accordingly.

What should I do if the store is having trouble locating the item or item is not available for pick-up?

If you have followed the instructions and are still having issues with finding the item to be picked up at the store, you should call the phone number for MySquard Services Pick-Up Help Center, which is available in the app.

What if customer is a no-show after I have picked up item? What am I supposed to do with the item?

First, we recommend you:

  • Check the entry info in the Job Details page and contact your customer via phone call and text
  • If you do not hear from the customer immediately, please wait at least 30 minutes after the booking start time before leaving and checking out in the app

If you have not heard back from your customer after 30 minutes, please head back to the Lowe’s store to return the item you picked up. Call the MySquard Services for Pros Pick-Up Help Center phone line who can help make a note in our system that your customer was a no-show.

Need additional assistance? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at partner@mysquard.com