I felt uncomfortable or unsafe

Your health and safety should be your highest priority during every MySquard Services booking.

If ever you feel that your safety is being threatened, remove yourself from the situation immediately and contact the police if necessary. 

After you are safely away, please report the incident to the MySquard Services team so we can take steps to block or remove any Customer who could cause potential harm, and make sure that Professionals working on the MySquard Services platform are safe. Be assured that we take the safety of the Professionals working with MySquard Services very seriously. We never want you to be in a situation where you feel unsafe.

If there is something in the Customer’s home that is making you uncomfortable, like a pet you’re allergic to, an unreasonable mess, or someone behaving in an odd or uncomfortable manner, please leave the home as soon as you are able and contact theMySquard Services team. You can chat with us via the blue chat icon, or email us any time at partner@mysquard.com.  

When you leave a customer’s home in any of these scenarios and let MySquard Services know, MySquard Services will waive any fees that would typically be associated with a cancelation or job non-completion.  If such fees are not automatically waived, please reach out to MySquard Services customer support and ask for the fees to be removed from your account.