Couldn’t complete customer request within estimated booking time

While the MySquard Services platform tries to estimate how much time you’ll need to complete the service for the customer, sometimes you’ll need more time than expected, or the customer requests additional tasks.

If you need more time, you can communicate that to the customer and negotiate for more time. The customer must agree to adding time to the job, so if you don’t confirm it with them, you won’t receive additional compensation. If the customer does not agree and you have not received written confirmation from them or MySquard Services, you do not need to stay past the original estimated booking time.

Note bookings made through any of our retail partners (except Lowe’s & Google Nest Maintenance) allow the addition of up to 2 hours at no additional cost to the customer as long as the customer has confirmed the additional time. If more than 2 additional hours are needed beyond the original booking time, the customer must approve the additional time and accept any charges related to these added hours.

Some pros find it helpful to assess job duration at the beginning of the booking. You can read our “add time to a job” article to learn how to request additional time on the job.

It can sometimes take a while for the Customer Experience team to review a customer’s request for more time and make the change. But as soon as you have received written confirmation from the customer or MySquard Services, you can work the additional time if you are able.

If you feel you received a negative rating on a job from a customer who did not agree to add time, and you did not stay past the original estimated booking time, you can reach out to MySquard Services support agent and they can remove that rating.

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