Contacting your customer prior to a booking in California, New York, Oregon, and Washington

How and when should I contact my customer?

Once you have claimed a job, the booking details page in the MySquard Services for Pros app includes buttons to contact the customer by phone or message in the app. The phone number is masked in both directions, so the customer can’t see your real number and you can’t see theirs. In addition, the line will be deactivated soon after booking completion.

You can contact the customer to clarify the scope of the job, obtain additional details of the job, or negotiate any aspect of the job that you want. There are plenty of reasons to contact them: ask for directions, give an arrival update, or even just to introduce yourself and say hello! The rule of thumb is the more communication, the more likely the customer is to give you a good rating.  

If you and a customer reschedule or change a booking and you want the new information reflected on the booking page, our Support team will need to confirm the changes with your customer. Similarly, if you negotiate any extra payments and you want MySquard Services to process those, the customer will need to contact our Support team to confirm, or you can contact our Support team after the customer has confirmed the change in your in-app chat with the customer.  You are always free to manage any changes on your own without MySquard Services’ involvement.  

What happens if my customer was not home?

If you’ve tried to contact your customer and are unable to reach them, you can arrive at the address provided and try to follow their entry instructions (also available on the job details page). If you prefer, you can reach out to our support team and let us know the customer was unreachable. In that circumstance, we will waive any fee for removing the job from your schedule.

If your customer was unavailable at the agreed time and you were unable to enter their home to do the work, MySquard Services will nonetheless compensate you for up to 2 hours of pay (up to 3 hours in California). We do ask that you wait 30 minutes after the booking start time, in case they’re just running late.

To notify our Support team that a customer was unavailable, just tap the Job Support menu in the job details page, and select My customer isn’t home.