What’s the pro cancellation policy?

Because we know your time is valuable, there’s a cancellation policy in place for both professionals and customers. While the platform is designed to be as flexible as possible, last minute cancellations erode the customers’ ability to rely on MySquard Services and prevent other pros from claiming jobs, which leads to fewer jobs being available to the pros.

If you cancel a claimed job too close to the scheduled start time, you may be subject to late cancellation fees. These fees vary from city to city. Find your city below to learn more about the late cancellation fees in each local market.

United States & Canada *

  • If you cancel a job within 4 hours after claiming it, there’s no fee no matter how long until the job starts.
  • Otherwise:
    • If there are 48 hours or more until the job starts, there’s no fee to remove a job.
    • If there are between 24 and 48 hours until the job starts, there’s a $10 fee.
    • If there are between 4 and 24 hours until the job starts, there’s a $20 fee.
    • If there are under 4 hours until the job starts, there’s a $40 fee.

*for Pros in California, please see more information here.

Need assistance disputing a fee? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at partner@mysquard.com