What’s my “percent five star” rating mean?

The strongest indicator of your success on the MySquard Services platform is the percent of customers who give a five-star rating after each job. Each time you receive five stars, you’re receiving a signal that what you’re doing is working well. We calculate this rating by counting the total number of customer ratings (not the total completed jobs, because some customers forget to rate) over the past 28 days, and measure the percent of rated jobs at received five stars.

  • Anything above 80% is considered All-Star status! We’re so proud of you, but more importantly, your customers are thrilled!
  • If less than 80% of your ratings are five stars, there’s room for improvement. Customers aren’t up in arms just yet, but we’re confident there’s more you could do to impress them.
  • If less than half of your ratings are five stars, you’re aren’t meeting the expectations of your customers, and you’re at risk of deactivation from the platform

You can view any specific feedback you’ve received by tapping the More tab in the MySquard Services for Pros app, and selecting Ratings & Feedback.

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