What you’ll need to know before your first job

🎉 Congratulations on claiming your first job through the MySquard Services platform! 🎉 We’re excited to be working with you.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the job details prior to your arrival, this will help set you up for success and increase your customer ratings and tips!.

Below, we’ll go through some more useful tips for navigating the MySquard Services for Pros app.

To view available jobs in your area, click the claim tab on the bottom left of your screen, this will show an overview of local jobs that you can claim :

To view jobs on a different day, simply tap the day on the top of the navigation bar:

You can view additional details about the job by tapping into the job itself in this view:

This view will list the following information:

  • General location of the booking. 
  • Date and time of the booking.
  • The amount you will be paid for the booking*
  • Description of the job. 
  • Any special instructions the customer would like you to know. 
    *assumes there aren’t any outstanding fees. 

Once you claim the job and it is on your schedule, you’ll get more details including:

  • Customer name
  • Exact address
  • Contact information
  • Entry instructions

Thank you for helping keep customers homes happier !  

Need help? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at partner@mysquard.com