What are the extras?

Extras are services that customers can request which go above and beyond the standard tasks usually included in a cleaning service.

If a customer adds an extra when they create the booking, the system will automatically add time, this ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the task.

Adding an extra through the platform simply means adding time to the estimated job duration. Even if a booking does not have extras attached, you are always welcome to arrange with the customer to change the scope of work.

If you complete the job early, you will be paid the full amount for the job, and you are not required to stay for the estimated duration.

There are a million ways to complete any of the extras which can be booked through MySquard Services. Every pro has a preference for how they clean a home, and every customer has a preference for how they would like their home to be cleaned. If you are unsure how your customer would like you to complete an extra, please reach out them to ask for more details.  

Extras include:

  • Inside cabinets (+30 minutes)
  • Inside fridge (+30 minutes)
  • Inside oven (+30 minutes)
  • Inside Closet (+30 minutes)
  • Interior windows (+30 minutes) – Does not include exterior of windows.
  • Pet Hair Cleanup (+30 minutes) – Extra cleaning time and attention to remove pet hair and bedding.  Does not include removal of pet waste.
  • Wipe Interior Walls (+1 hour)
  • Laundry wash & dry (+1 hour)
  • Deep Clean (+2 hours) – Includes Inside Cabinets, Inside Fridge, and Inside Oven, plus extra cleaning time and attention throughout the home.
  • Move Out/In (+2 hours) – Extra cleaning time and attention throughout the home close to a move; the home may be empty of furniture. Does not include lifting boxes or other heavy items.

    Need help? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at partner@mysquard.com