Reschedule with a preferred pro

Have a preferred pro? Chat with them in the app to reschedule directly.

 1. Go to the My Pros tab.

Here you’ll see all members of your pro team,┬ápros you’ve liked, plus other great professionals we recommend.

 2. Message the pro you want.

Click on the name of the pro you want to reschedule with, and suggest a new date or time to find one that works for you both.

 3. Tap calendar icon to reschedule.

Once you’ve agreed to a new time with your pro you’re be able to reschedule directly from the chat by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom lefthand corner. Rescheduling from this chat will automatically request this pro for your booking.

Keep in mind, professionals using the platform are independent service providers so it’s up to them to claim your bookings. Additionally, you’ll only be able to chat in-app with pros who you’ve worked with before, or those who you are scheduled to work with within the next 24 hours.