Reschedule A Booking

Something come up? No worries. We’re flexible. Feel free to skip or reschedule any booking, for free, as long as you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Later than that, and there is a fee, which is passed on to the professional.

To reschedule a booking:

  1. Tap the Bookings page in the app.

This tab will show you all upcoming and past bookings on your account

2. Select the booking you’d like to reschedule.

Here you’ll find all the information relevant to your booking: booking reference number, date, time, frequency of associated cleaning plan, professional’s name, entry info, and booking details.

3. Scroll to the bottom and tap Reschedule booking.

You’ll also have the option to simply reschedule your booking to a later date and time.

4. Tell us your priorities

When rescheduling you’ll be given the option of either selecting your preferred date and time, or trying to reschedule with a specific pro.

If your professional has entered their availability into the app you’ll be able to book with them instantly, otherwise we’ll send them your request for a booking and try to work it out.

Remember that you can chat directly with any professionals you’ve worked with before to find their availability.

5. Select your new date and time

If you are rescheduling with a member of your pro team, or another active pro in your area, you’ll just have to select them from the list and click View Calendar to see their schedules. Times available for instant booking will be marked with a green checkbox.

If you select a time without a green checkbox we’ll still reach out to members of your pro team with your request, but they won’t be automatically added to your job.

Note : If your plan carries a minimum term, skipped bookings during the term will be billed and the cost added to your saved cleaning credits.