Referral Pay

You and your friend can be paid when you refer them to MySquard Services. To refer a friend, send them your referral code or link so they can input it in their application. You can find your code in the MySquard Services for Pros app in the More section under Earn More Money.

Both of you will be paid if the referred pro completes 5 jobs in their first 14 days after being activated. All types of services in all regions count towards the job count, but the booking must be completed. Bookings that were not completed for various reasons, such as customer no-show, or because the work was out-of-scope, do not count towards the job count. The payment amount is based on the region of the referred pro. You can find payouts by region in the below table.

Need help or believe you may not have been paid for the referral? Contact us using the blue chat icon in the bottom right, or email us at

This offer might change or discontinue without notice.

RegionReferrer BonusReferred Bonus
All Regions$250$150