Pro Profile FAQ

Can clients book me directly from my page?
Yes! Clients enter the date and time directly on your page and you’ll receive their request straight away.

What do clients see?
Clients see the area you work in, your rating, how many jobs you’ve done, and positive feedback you’ve received.

Can I make my page better?
Absolutely. This is your chance to showcase yourself. Your ratings show on the page, so the better your ratings, the better your page will look. You can also edit your photo in the app and ask your clients to leave you a 5 star reviews to show on your page.

Which of my clients’ reviews show up on my page?
We only show the 10 most recent positive reviews from clients who’ve rated you 5 stars.

Where can I find my page?
On the ‘More’ Tab in the MySquard Services for Pros App.

How can I view and share my profile?
On the ‘More’ Tab in the MySquard Services for Pros App, click ‘View & Share Profile’. You’ll be able to view the profile customers will see for you and share your profile under the ‘Promote Your Business’ section at the bottom.

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