Maintaining a good rating

How ratings work

After each job, MySquard Services prompts your customer to give you a rating on a scale from one to five stars. The strongest indicator of your success on the MySquard Services platform is the percent of customers who give a five-star rating after each job. Each time you receive five stars, you’re receiving a signal that what you’re doing is working well.

Customers are able to tag specific areas of improvement, and if the platform detects that you’ve been consistently underperforming on, say, floors, we’ll alert you that you might want to improve that element of your service.

Do I need to bring supplies?

Customers expect their professional to arrive prepared with all of the supplies necessary to do a thorough cleaning. The top cleaning professionals using the platform recommend bringing:

  • a multi-purpose cleaner
  • a tub and tile cleaner
  • a toilet bowl cleaner
  • a wood cleaner
  • a glass cleaning solution
  • a floor cleaning tool
  • floor cleaner wet refills
  • rags and/or towels
  • a vacuum

Handyman professionals are also expected to arrive prepared, but there’s a different process when it comes to handling materials.

What to do before your first job

It’s always wise to be prepared before your first job, so that you can start impressing your customers with five-star service right out of the gate. When we asked a few veteran professionals using the MySquard Services platform what they do before each job, they noted several keys:

  • Double check their supplies
  • Read the job details to understand special requests
  • Contact the customer before the booking to confirm job details
  • Plan out their commute to arrive on time

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