How to avoid fees on MySquard Works?

Here are a few ways to help you avoid fees on MySquard Works. We hope the suggestions help you in earning more from the platform.

  • Cancellation Claim

There is a cancellation fee if you cancel a booking within 48 hours of the start time. As the booking time approaches, the cancellation fee may increase. If you cancel a booking, the app will inform you about the cancellation fees. To avoid the cancellation fees, be sure to cancel before 48 hours of the start time.

  • Late Fee

There is a late fee if you show up after the start time. To avoid the late fees, leave early, and always keep buffer time in case there is an issue. If you are going to run late, please inform the customer as soon as possible. You can notify the customer in advance or mark that you are running late by using the “On My Way” feature in the app.

  • No Show Fee

If you do not report to the booking/job, your customer may notify your absence. A no show fee can also occur if the customer decides to cancel the booking because you arrive late. To avoid the no show fees, please go to every claimed booking.

If you arrive at the place of job and your customer is unavailable, reach out to them multiple times (by calling, texting, and using the in-app chat feature), wait for 30 minutes, and check out when you leave. This way, you will have evidence of your arrival

  • Left Early Fee

If you leave early without completing the service, you will have to pay a fee. To avoid early departure fees, be present at the appointment/booking for the entire duration. If you have completed the standard task, you can finish additional work (for example: inside cabinets, inside the fridge, inside the oven, interior windows, or laundry wash & dry). Customers appreciate it when the service professional stays for the entire duration
of the booking.

  • Key Replacement Fee

If you misplace the keys left by your customer, you will have to pay a key replacement fee. Leave keys safely and inform the customer to avoid miscommunication.

  • Damaged/Missing Item Fee

If the customer reports a damaged or missing item after the booking, we will have to charge a fee to compensate the customer for the cost of the item.