Rescheduling Lawn Care Bookings

For MySquard Services Lawn Care services, professionals are able to reschedule jobs themselves through the Pro App. Professionals can reschedule a job at any point up until they Check In to the booking. Once checked in, you will not be able to reschedule. 

Prior to making this change, we highly recommend that you call or message your customer to make sure the new date and time works for them. When you reschedule a job, the customer will receive an email letting them know that the date and time have changed. 

To reschedule Lawn Care booking, tap on the Job Support button on the job details page. Select Reschedule this job from the Job Support menu. Choose a new date and time, then tap Continue and select your reschedule reason before confirming the change. 

Don’t see the reschedule option in your menu? That means the job cannot be rescheduled by you. If you’re unable to complete the booking please unassign yourself as soon as possible, we’ll try to find another pro to complete the work. Read about how to remove jobs from your schedule here

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